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Adult Babydoll Southdown Sheep are 17" to 24" at the shoulder. This makes them much easier to handle than many other farm animals. Their small size is less intimidating for children and they make ideal 4-H projects. To keep them enclosed, fencing does not need to be tall but they do need a good fence to protect them from predators. 


Babydolls will be glad to give you the "coat off their back" each spring. Their wool is one of the finest wools of all the British breeds. It is short (typically 1.5 to 2.5 inches) and springy, soft and bouncy, with a surprisingly strong underlying disposition. The micron count typically ranges from 24 to 29. It has more barbs per inch than other wool types, making it an ideal blend with either Angora rabbit or Angora goat for spinners. Its ability to felt is very low.

Babydoll sheep require the same care that any other sheep would need. They only need good grass or good hay, Minerals and fresh water to be happy..